Client Testimonial Linda LeFevere

Linda LeFevre

Dr. Jay Balasz quite simply has saved my life. His OBI Dentistry expertise is the best ever. He has helped me through 2 surgeries and has remained with me every step of the way. He has never given up on my dental situation and always extends such warm compassion and understanding. The staff is wonderful, personable, and friendly. I enjoy my visits to the office and I know that I am a walking miracle as a result of the exceptional Dentistry and care provided by Dr. Jay Balasz. I am happy to provide the highest recommendation for his services.

Carter Wells

Dr. Jay Balasz is the nicest and most personable Dentist I have ever met in my entire life. He has taken excellent care of my dental health and furthermore he has set me on the path to improved overall health. As a result of his compassionate care and encouragement, I had the confidence to undertake geriatric by-pass surgery and the results have been great. Dr. Jay Balasz is more than just my Dentist, he is a true friend that cares about his patients beyond just treating their dental needs. I appreciate how thorough he is in explaining my dental treatment options and answering all my questions. Dr. Balasz has provided a turning point in my life that I am very grateful for. The staff has been very friendly and encouraging to me each step of the way. They always greet me with a friendly welcome and I feel at home while at his office. I recommend Dr. Jay Balasz to anyone who is looking for the best and most caring Dentist in town!

Dick Way

Dr. Balasz is a great Dentist and a very nice guy. He is considerate, polite and mild mannered. The staff is very knowledgeable and skilled at what they do. He has an excellent reputation in town and I have never heard anything negative about him in over 20 years. I am happy with my veneers and have a smile that I can be proud of. I recommend Dr. Jay Balasz to anyone that is looking for a competent Dentist that spends time to get to know his patients to provide the very best care.

Pat Miller

What I appreciate most about Dr. Balasz is that he calls me personally to follow up after my dental procedures. He is always available when I need him and treats me like a family member. He is caring and compassionate and I know that he and his staff genuinely care about me as a person. He is so conscientious and gentle in spirit when he has to deliver the news about my dental health issues. I appreciate that he always approaches it in a warm and compassionate manner. He provides his recommendations in a straight forward and encouraging style. He encourages me and helps me cope with the various challenges. I especially love the “report card” that he has developed to track the health progress of my teeth and mouth and this approach is a helpful way for me to visibly see how the simple changes I implement are making a positive impact on my health. His pricing is competitive and fair for the extensive training and expertise that are reflected in his credentials. I value his commitment to continuing education and staying up to date on the latest technology and treatment options. I am delighted to provide this high recommendation for his services.

Nancy Swan

Dr. Jay Balasz is a wonderful Dentist that goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his patients received the very best care. I have been treated for complex TMJ issues which caused debilitating headaches and significantly affected my quality of life. I can honestly say now that because of Dr. Jay Balasz, I have had much relief from this anguish. Dr. Jay Balasz provided me with an excellent treatment plan and I am very happy with the results. The staff is very nice, friendly and caring. I am especially thankful for Kris for how much she has helped me through this situation. She is a warm, compassionate person and always makes me feel like a member of the family. I am happy to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Jay Balasz, Kris Balasz, and the entire team at the office.



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